Student Support Services

At City College, our vision of our students goes beyond academic success. Thus, beyond providing quality education, City College has in place various programmes and support services for its students.

All students partake in the orientation programme where they are introduced to their teachers, tour the premises, and engage in ice-breaker games to get to know their fellow classmates better. Throughout the academic year, other programmes and support services are provided.

The list of services includes but is not limited to:

(a) Optional Medical Insurance coverage for hospitalization and related medical treatment for the entire course duration.

(b) Orientation programme for all newly-enrolled students.

(c) Regular Mentor and Parents/Guardians meeting sessions.

(d) National Service Deferment Services for male students attending full-time course.

(e) Transitlink Concession passes application for Singaporean students.

(f) Registration for GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations with Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB).

(g) Financial Assistance to students: Bursary Application.

(h) Course Deferment for SODE students.

(i) External Communications with parents / guardians

(j) Regular student evaluation surveys

(k) Student Testimonials

(l) Annual Voting awards: Teacher of the Year & Mentor of the Year


Orientation Programme

To help our newly-enrolled students in their transition to City College, we will be conducting an orientation programme in the first week of the Academic Year.

This orientation programme aims to provide all information regarding our support services as we seek to provide a conducive environment for effective learning. Activities are incorporated into the orientation programme to create a fun and interesting atmosphere. Students can look forward to a fun-filled Orientation programme as they embark on a new journey with City College!


Tertiary course guidance / Career guidance

City College conducts our own EduFair to provide tertiary course guidance to our students after the release of O-Level results. This enables them to be equipped with the right information to choose a suitable tertiary course. Graduates are also advised on their career path to understand the type of academic courses that they need to undergo to match their career requirement.


Counselling Services

Pre-Course counselling services are provided to students prior to their enrolment to understand the student’s standpoint and determine how City College is able to empower them in pursuing their goals and dreams.

Counseling services are also provided to students during their course of study at City College. Ms. Selena See, the school counsellor, has a Masters of Social Science in Counselling from the University of South Australia.


Mentorship Programme

Students are assigned to a mentor who will meet up with them throughout the course of their study at City College. The mentorship sessions are designed to provide an environment for students to ask their mentors on any matters pertaining to life in general.


Medical Insurance

Students can opt for insurance coverage throughout their course of study at City College.

Contact our Student Affairs Officer for more information.


SMS Announcement Messaging System

In addition to information on notice boards, City College also provides a SMS announcement service where we can send announcements, important notices or other urgent matters to both parents and students through SMS. This allows an immediate and effective communication channel to supplement other more traditional means of communication with both parents and students.



National Service Deferment Services for male students attending full-time course

You may download a copy of the NS Deferment Procedure here.


Transitlink Concession passes application for Singaporean students


Student has to be 20 years old and below and is a Singapore citizen will be eligible for the application of the Transitlink Concession Pass.

Upon successfully application of the Transitlink Concession Passes, student will be required to bring the following :

  • a passport-size photograph (taken within the last 3 months) against a white background
  • Identification Card or Birth Certificate
  • $3 processing fee for the Transitlink Concession Pass

Student is required to visit the Card Replacement Office at any of these branches:

  • Admiralty MRT Station
  • Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange
  • Buona Vista MRT Station
  • Chua Chu Kang Bus Interchange
  • Hougang Bus Interchange
  • Somerset MRT Station
  • Tampines Bus Interchange

For more information, student may check with our friendly Student Affairs Officer during office hours.

Registration for GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations with Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB)

City College Administration Team will assist students in registering their GCE ‘O’ Level Examination”. Do approach our Student Affairs Officer for more information on the details of this State Examination Registration Process.