Science Practical Empower Series


The Combined Science Practical Empower series are designed to allow participants to hone laboratory skills and also to get accustomed to the demands required in the GCE ‘O’ Levels Examinations.

In each 2-hour sessions, there would be focus on skills/techniques refinement, rehearsal, as well as, time-based challenges. This will help students to develop competency in conducting the experiment accurately and confident within a time constraint.

Sessions will be taught by Ms Selena See . She has a Master in Social Science (Counseling) from University of South Australia and a Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NUS.



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There will be a total of individual 8 sessions – 4 on Physics and 4 on Chemistry. Refer to our event images for more info on each session!

Chemistry session

Physics session

Session #1 Testing for Cations and Anions Session #5 Reading oscillations and measuring time
Session #2 Testing for Ions and Gases Session #6 Measuring current and voltage
Session #3 Identification of Ions, titration and calculation of concentration Session #7 Focusing images and measurement of length
Session #4 Identification of Ions, preparation of salts Session #8 Measuring temperature