Student Contract

With effect from December 21, 2009, all students seeking to enroll at City College will enter into a Standard PEI-Student Contract with the school.

This is part of the requirements of the Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF) for all private education institutions.

The PEI-Student Contract clearly states the following:

  • Course title with modules or subjects clearly listed;
  • Date of commencement and completion of each intake / course;
  • Scheduled holidays;
  • Examination and / or assignment dates for each intake / course;
  • Name of organization awarding / conferring the results and certificates;
  • Fee collection policy;
  • Refund policy;
  • Withdrawal policy;
  • Transfer policy.

Students are to ensure that a copy of the Standard PEI-Student Contract is retained as it can be presented as a legal document in the event of a dispute. Students under the age of 18 will need to seek parental consent before the contract can be signed.

Student Contract Briefing (English)