City College Financial Assistance Schemes

City College Holdings Ltd is committed to raising funds and making available financial assistance schemes for Singaporean youths who are keen on enrolling into a programme but hindered by financial challenges.

For the academic year 2017, we are making available financial assistance schemes (FAS). Yes, you can benefit, just approach our staff for assistance. For enquiries, please call (65) 65116833.

Financial Scheme Eligibility Award Quantum
City College Holdings Ltd
  • Must be a Singaporean;
  • Enrolling into City College PCOI & PCN Course;
  • Applicant’s Per Capita Index (PCI) must be less than or equal to SGD 950; and
  • Applicant’s gross monthly household income must be less than or equal to SGD 3,800
  • From SGD 990 up to SGD 2,000

Per capita household monthly income is calculated by taking the total gross monthly household income divided by the total number of family members in the household.

Recipients of bursary are expected to fulfill minimum attendance requirement as stipulated under terms and conditions of bursary.

Recipients may not concurrently hold multiple bursaries without approval from City College.