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Jason Chua

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Jason Chua Dong Wei, 22, Singaporean
City College graduate, batch 2007
Currently studying in Singapore Management University, School of Law

An eventful 6 years have passed since I graduated from the then-City Harvest Education Centre, now City College. Looking back, those eventful memories formed the basis to shape my character into a more matured and critical-thinking individual.

My pursuit of academic excellence has never been smooth sailing. In fact, I failed both my streaming  examination and Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), leading me to the Normal (Technical) stream. Four years of Normal (Technical) studies only saw me getting dismal grades qualifying only for the unpopular courses in ITE. As a result, I was determined to take my O-Levels.

My life-changing experience occurred when my mum, sole breadwinner for my family, was retrenched from the job she had worked for more than 10 years. It then became a downward spiral for us as we had to finance for my education fees.

My lessons at City College in fact prepared me for my future. Studying in a class with students from different backgrounds compelled me to learn the basic tenets of working in teams. Teachers at City College was ever-ready to go the extra mile in helping students achieve academic excellence. Even if it required staying back beyond their working hours.

Coming from Normal (Technical) stream with little or no background in O-Levels did not give the teachers any reason to be stereotypical. Their patience in carefully guiding me allowed me to realise that it really does not matter whether one has the requisites to take the O-Levels.

This confidence gave me the courage to scale for the heights in A-Levels. City College teachers had proven to me that anyone of any background could take the O-Levels, so what is A-Levels really?

Little would I know that Miss Jasmine and Mr Koh gave me the flair to do well in Mathematics. One eventful Friday, I was approached by Mr Koh who spoke at length to me about taking Additional Mathematics. As much as I was interested in taking it up, the higher school fees was a major deterrent for me wanting to pursue the subject.

I recalled Mr Koh then graciously offered to have the fees waived off. Such graciousness had left a big impact on me.

Moving forward 6 years, I am now at Singapore Management University reading Law at the Faculty of Law. I have taken all the values City College had imparted into me. I chose to reject a government scholarship so as to see myself dedicating time to be a community lawyer focusing on community issues.

Mere words cannot express my gratitude towards the entire teaching body of City College. I am ever-thankful for this opportunity. And I am ever-grateful.

Andy Tay

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Andy Tay, 24
City College graduate, batch 2007
Currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Electrical Engineering

A fruitful 6 years have passed since I graduated from City College. The memories that I shared with City College are immersed and will be with me for a lifetime. Thinking back on this chapter of my life, City College has paramount significance in laying the foundation for my academic success and nurturing me to whom I am today. City College gave me opportunities in growing my creativity and thinking skills. My belief towards academic excellence was built during my stay in City College.

Upon graduating from secondary school, I did well for N-levels and I was offer various admission from different ITEs. Secondary school offered me to study O-levels with the criteria of staying another year in school. With no guidance, I decided to leave the school to pursue music. Upon audition, I was shocked by the admission criteria because there were changes. The principal required me to take at least O-level English and a few other subjects to be admited into Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

I moved on to City College so as to obtain the requirement to purse my passion in music but things changed. City College gave me guidance and gave me a broader view of what I can do. What impacted me most about City College are the lecturers who inspired me to be the best I can. They believed in me even before I believed in myself. The passion and love in nurturing students are what City College can provide, that had a huge impact on me during my stay with City College.

The two years I stayed in City College gave me the confidence and the belief that one has the ability to achieve greater heights. One of the most memorable parts during my stay is to apply the theories of Additional Mathematics (A Maths) to real life. Mr Koh brought us to a basketball court to apply theory calculation on how the basketball court was drawn using integration and differentiation. The other memorable part is the Youth Expedition Programme (YEP) that allows me to understand what it takes to be a leader as well as how fortunate I am as a Singaporean. The YEP equipped me with soft skills as well as how to be a team player.

Till today the soft skills, belief and confidence that I acquired from City College gave me a head start among my peers and help me tremendously on my journey towards financial freedom. I’ll like to end off with a quote.

“The highest reward for man’s dedication to excellence is not what one gets from it, but what he or she becomes from it.”
-Bill Britt

Gu Shuai Angela

Our Stories - Angela

Gu Shuai Angela, 22
Guangzhou, China
City College graduate, batch 2010
Currently studying in Temasek Polytechnic, School of Engineering

City College was not only a school which taught me knowledge, but was also like a family. As I was far away from my country and parents, I often felt homesick, but the teachers in City College were really like my family members and they cared about me. More than just helping me to do well in my studies, the teachers gave me suggestions on how to build up my personality and how to take care of myself as an international student

I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all the teachers in City College.

Roy Neo

Our Stories - Roy

Roy Neo, 18, Singapore
City College graduate, batch 2011
Currently studying in Millennia Institute 

The experience I had with City College was a pleasant journey. Prior to entering City College, I was rather unmotivated to do well in my studies like so many of my schoolmates. However, the teachers never gave up hope in their beliefs that we could do well academically. The environment at City College differs from other schools in Singapore in that the teachers go out of their way to ensure that they are more than just a teacher to their students, having meals together with us and getting to know us better. The mentorship program at City College has personally provided me with a lot of help as my mentor, Ms Dawn taught me lessons that extended beyond the typical classes and helped us achieve our ambitions in life with projects.

Tan Uzen

Our Stories - Uzen


Tan Uzen, 18 
City College graduate, batch 2011
Currently studying in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Business Information Technology

“When I was in City College, I forced myself to wake up just to attend school no matter how sick or tired I felt. The teachers really do care about you no matter where you came from and what background you have. They don’t just teach; they tell a story of passion and concern. I would sincerely like to thank Mr Kenny from the bottom of my heart for starting up such a school that has impacted many lives deeply.”