GCE O Level Examinations Results Testimonials


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Here’s what some of our graduates have to say about City College!

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Top Student 2016


“Enrolled in City College in 2015 after getting GCE NT Level results. I chose City College because the prices are the cheapest and nearest to my home. My first lesson was with Ms. Joli. She is a very experienced and good teacher, based on my first impression. I often struggle coming for morning lessons but nevertheless came in the end. The teachers here are more caring towards students, their teaching methods like speed dating and picture cards were very helpful, something that the government school teachers didn’t use during my time. I would like to thank all the teachers who taught me during these 2 years, guiding me through difficult times.”
Fabian (19, Male, Singapore PR), 2 distinctions, L1R4: 18 points

Top Student 2016

“Enrolled in City College in 2015, after getting GCE NT Level results, was a normal tech student. My sister recommended me as her friend previously did her studies here. It was very smooth and fun, no scolding sessions. The teachers care about what we know and don’t know, unlike other schools. Events like speed dating and visual text helped me greatly in my course of studies here. Happy and delightful that I can progress to Polytechnic.”
-Lim Wei Ming Nigel (19, Male, Singaporean), 2 distinctions, L1R4: 18 points



O Levels Top Student 2015

“City College has hands-on lessons, with classes that leave an impact. The teachers give many tips and techniques. School was fun and lively, with teachers who gave their best. They made me look forward to coming to school and nurtured my passion for learning. Everyone was friendly and encouraging, believing in me, even when I was not.”
Wong Yoke Cheng (17, Female, Singaporean), 5 distinctions, L1R4: 7 points

O level private candidate

“City College has allowed me to experience something that I never had in Secondary School. In this short year, I got to know teachers that I will never forget. They are the ones who continuously encourage me and push me to the best I can. I’m thankful for that. My teachers were very supportive of us and gave me advice on how I can be a better person.
I’m very thankful to City College for allowing me to be who I am today and I’ll never forget the experience City College has given me.”
Tiffany Chan (17, Female, Singaporean), 2 distinctions, L1R4: 16 points

City College student 2015

“Previously, I didn’t feel motivated to go for all of my O level papers. I had a C6 for English and F9 for Math and Science. However, after studying at City College, I got into Consumer Behavior and Research in Republic Polytechnic with 18 points.
I’m glad that I’ve chosen City College to pursue my O Levels. The teachers have given me so much encouragement and the study environment is always positive. Classes are always fun and engaging.”
Lee Xiu Qi Shermin (21, Female, Singaporean), L1R4: 18 points


Top Student 2014

“City College helped me regain the self confidence I once lost. The staff made me feel loved and welcomed everyday. I managed to tap into my academic potential with much help and assistance from be beloved teachers and mentor. City College was more than just a school or a platform to further my education, I consider it as part of my family and it will always be a special period of my life.”
Seko Miku (17, Female, Singaporean), 5 distinctions, L1R4: 6 points

CC O Lvl-9

“Ever since I came to City College, I had this unusual feeling of comfort and joy, coming has led me to many successes and triumphs over seemingly insurmountable obstacles in life.”
Chung Jie Duane (16. Male, Singaporean), 5 Distinctions, L1R4: 7 points

CC O Lvl-10

“With the helpful and passionate teachers around in school, I was able to achieve a score that enables me to move on from my Normal Technical background. Trust me, over here you will be able to experience a fun-filled journey studying.”
Justin Ong Wei Quan (18, Male, Singaporean), 3 Distinctions, L1R4: 15 points

CC O Lvl-7

“City College has helped me to become more confident, in my own actions and giving me the belief that I could do better things in the future”
Zhafri Zainal Ariffin Abbas (18, Male, Singaporean), 1 Distinction, L1R4: 14 points

CC O Lvl-11

“With helpful teachers, I was able to learn a lot. The environment was also suitable for learning and the materials used to teach were engaging and helpful”
Siah Cheng Yun (18, Male, Singaporean), L1R4: 15 points


GCE 'O' Level Results Testimonials - Lena Lee

“I owe this success largely to the teachers and staff at City College. Before commencing the course, I never imagined I could even take on such a challenge as to sit for the O-level exams. City College makes classes easy to understand, fun to learn and the teachers as well as the school provide a really warm and friendly environment in which to study.”

“I started the year of 2013 enrolled in the O-level preparatory course with not much expectations of how things would work out. Before, I would drop out of things halfway, never finishing what I started. I’ve had the best subject teachers, offering only endless devotion and patience with the students. Well, City College makes you feel like you belong. I’m just glad I made the right decision to sign up in this school, and would gladly encourage others who struggle with education to do the same.”
Lena Lee Ling Yi (21, Female, Singaporean), 5 distinctions, L1R4: 6 points

GCE 'O' Level Testimonials - Leow Wen Siong

“I went back to school (City College) after 7 years of being a dropout. The teachers here were very dedicated and helpful whenever I had questions. From Ms Selena’s funny examples to Ms Lareina’s heart for the students, all the lessons caused me to like studying! I am proud to call City College my school and my family.”
Leow Wen Siong (21, Male, Singaporean), 4 Distinctions, L1R4: 10 points

GCE 'O' Level Testimonials -Wilson Wee

“Without the teachers I would not be able to make it. At the start studying here was difficult because I didn’t have the foundation. I came from N(A) stream. Classes here are fun and interactive and the teachers are always there for you.”
Wilson Wee (19, Male, Singaporean), 2 Distinctions, L1R4: 12 points

GCE 'O' Level Testimonials -Tiara Fitri Annissa

“I love this school, especially the teachers and staff.”
Tiara Fitri Annissa (17, Female, Indonesian), 2 Distinctions, L1R4: 15 points

GCE 'O' Level Testimonials -Ma Jingxi

“Teachers are all very nice. Their way of teaching is different but effective. They are very helpful. In City College teachers find fun and easy ways for us to acquire knowledge. I think City College is the best choice among private schools.”
Ma Jingxi, 3 Distinctions (19, Female, Chinese), L1R4: 16 points

“I will never forget my experience at City College. It’s very fun and I made a lot of friends. The teachers are very fun. Learning here is very free. I can ask questions if I don’t understand. We can study after lessons in the school and the teachers help us one-to-one. It’s very good.”
Ma Shuxi, 3 Distinctions (19, Female, Chinese), L1R4: 16 points

GCE 'O' Level Testimonials -Anand Raj

“The teachers in the school helped me to achieve my dreams and goals. I will forever be grateful to City College. The teachers care about me personally and they believe more in me than I ever did in myself. They were the first ones to get me motivated and they were the last ones to be there for me too. Thank you.”
Anand Raj, 1 Distinction (23, Male, Singaporean), L1R4: 16 points


GCE 'O' Level Results Testimonials - Samuel

“Studying in City College was great. The teachers are nice. It was an enjoyable experience and it gave me the desire to want to do better. I improved from C6 to B3 for my English and passed my Chinese, which was very lousy in the past. Don’t be afraid to retake your O levels. It may seem difficult at first but you will do better.”
Samuel Lim Wee Xuan (18, Male, Singaporean), L1R4: 15 points


GCE 'O' Level Results Testimonials - Auris

“For me, studying in City College was life changing. When I first wanted to apply for private education, I was afraid. But after coming to City College, it has changed my opinion. What we have in City College are good mentors. My mentor was a mother and friend to me. It didn’t feel like a chore to come to City College to have lessons. The teachers really put in the fun factor into classes.”
Auris Chong Jing Hui (18, Male, Singaporean), L1R4: 18 points


GCE 'O' Level Results Testimonials - Ian

“This year I really focused on my studies. The teachers in City College are great.  They are easy to talk to and share your opinions. They are knowledgeable. They really care about the students and want us to do well. I want to encourage the students to believe in themselves.”
Ian Anthony Low (18, Male, Singaporean), L1R4: 18 points


GCE 'O' Level Results Testimonials - Dominic

“The teachers are the highlight of the school.  They are wacky, fun and you can interact with them as well.  The students here are different. They are open and friendly.”
Dominic Chung Wei Jie (17, Male, Singaporean), L1R4: 16 points


GCE 'O' Level Results Testimonials - Hedi

“It is a very new experience for me to study in City College. It is the first time I studied in another country. Everything here is so different and the teachers are so friendly. They are friends we can share everything with. City College is very unique and very different. The way we are taught and the way we receive knowledge is through experiencing a rich social life”
Heidi Le Diem Huong (17, Female, Vietnamese), L1R4: 18 points