Founder’s Message


Founder's Message - Kenny Low
Kenny Low, Founder of City College and O School

City College (formerly known as City Harvest Education Centre or CHEC) was founded in 2002 to provide an alternative pathway for Singaporean youths to complete their secondary education and to positively influence the private education industry in Singapore, to heal as salt and to shine as light.

In the more than ten years we had seen hundreds of graduates moving on to fulfill their personal dreams and aspirations. It’s very encouraging  to see our graduates coming back to our school regularly. They usually come back to eagerly catch up with the teachers, share their victories and experience City College once again.

What is the City College experience? What do we want our students to experience during the time  they spent with us? We want them to experience trust amidst uncertainties, learn by relating to others, experience success despite the challenges and value friendship beyond classroom lessons. As knowledge becomes more accessible via technological advancements, our curriculum seeks to build the values and identities of our students. Our team of teachers and staff are committed to helping students discover their gifts, strengths and life purpose. With the launch of the School of Design and Entrepreneurship (SODE) in 2012, we are now able to empower youths with design thinking skills and nurture entrepreneurial attitudes to better and beautify our community.

We hope that we would have the privilege of serving you in 2016.