City College was founded in 2002 to contribute to the education landscape in Singapore.

We are a private school with preparatory courses that lead to the GCE O Level Examinations. Believing that each student has the desire to excel in life, education at City College goes beyond enabling students to successfully attain academic qualifications.

The rich curriculum at City College focuses on imparting academic knowledge and the acquisition of life and leadership skills. Students are immersed in a creative and nurturing environment placing emphasis on excellence, ingenuity, integrity and service. These are fundamental characteristics that City College considers essential in becoming a contributing member of society.

The validation of City College’s approach comes from the stellar record of past graduates who have successfully moved on to tertiary institutions, including polytechnics, junior colleges/institutes and private diploma and degree programmes, and built solid careers for themselves after taking or re-taking their O Levels.

At City College, we strive to provide our students with a learning environment that supports all-round development. Our qualified and experienced faculty deliver our curricula and enrichment programmes in a cohesive, integrated manner to nurture our students into competent, confident and well-rounded global citizens.

With an average student-to-teacher ratio of 25:1, our teachers have not only the desire but also the capacity to be creative in the classroom and to be positive personal role models. Demonstrating real-life applications for classroom topics, they help students see the relevance of the curriculum and acquire a concrete grasp of otherwise abstract concepts. But more than teach, our teachers also mentor students, who find they can relate on matters of life.

New media isn’t just a buzz word at City College; it’s a reality. We reach out to our students as much in the virtual as in the physical space through social networking web sites like Facebook and Twitter. Through podcasting, students can revisit topics taught in the classroom anytime and anywhere and can even publish self-recorded speeches for large audiences.

Campus-wide wireless Internet access enables the use of mobile information technology devices even in the classroom as such devices are recognised as tools for independent, real-time learning.

In addition to our preparatory courses for the GCE O Levels for private candidates, we offer advanced professional diplomas through our School of Design and Entrepreneurship. Our core values of excellence, ingenuity, integrity and service will continue to govern the school’s structure and activity.

Impact and inspire – that’s what we aim to keep doing at every level.